Hernan Bas

Tropical Depression

December 30 - January 2, 2017


Hernan Bas
the hummingbird feeders 2016
Acrylic and enamel on linen
72 x 60 inches

Fredric Snitzer Gallery is pleased to announce Tropical Depression by Hernan Bas, a new body of work featuring paintings and works on paper. These works as a collective acquire a density and maturity of depicted narratives. In the past many have commented on the emotional states of the characters in Hernan’s paintings, for this series he embraces this often-referenced melancholy. A Tropical Depression refers to an often familiar and daunting term alluding to the theme of the weather as a metaphor for psychological states.

The unifying element of this series is the recurring presence of “mood rings” being worn by these characters, with the alleged signifiers associated with the colors reflected in the rings playing a role in the actions being portrayed in the pictorial frame.