assume vivid astro focus
Cynthia Cruz
Rafael Domenech
Michael John Kelly
Rafael Rodriguez
Ilana Savdie
Hiejin Yoo

Photography by Zachary Balber


Fredric Snitzer Gallery is pleased to announce Summer Hots, an event and group exhibition featuring artwork by assume vivid astro focus, Cynthia Cruz, Rafael Domenech, Michael John Kelly, Rafael Rodriguez, Ilana Savdie and Hiejin Yoo.

There is often the idea that collecting art will require a large financial investment out of reach to most young working professionals. Or that entrance into the art market is only accessible by a small percentage of individuals well versed in the happenings of the art scene. Fredric Snitzer Gallery seeks to facilitate in dispelling these beliefs in their kick-starter event, Summer Hots which titles a series of programming and events demonstrating the gallery’s commitment to producing a forum that activates conversations that creates accessibility and transparency within the art industry.

"I’ve never bought artwork, I don’t know where to begin and I’m pretty sure I don’t have the money”, is an all to frequent mantra of those new to collecting art.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery hopes to welcome a new generation of art philanthropy and patronage by addressing these insecurities with honest and informative conversations about collecting while ensuring a wealth of quality and value in different price brackets and mediums.