Fredric Snitzer Gallery at the Armory Show

Rafael Domenech  Untitled (Turangalîla), 2017. Aluminum, plexiglass, archival print on paper, re-purposed graphic material, enamel paint, plastic zipties 49 x 38 x 28 inches


The Armory Show
March 2 - 5th, 2017

Rafael Domenech
Pier 94, Booth 911


Piers 92 & 94
711 12th Avenue, New York, 10019

Thursday, March 2: 12–8pm
Friday, March 3: 12–8pm
Saturday, March 4: 12–7pm
Sunday, March 5: 12–6pm



Rafael Domenech

Pleiades: Sistema Progresivo (the organic, inorganic, and the light)

In Greek mythology the word Pleiades refers to the seven daughters of Atlas. The contemporary usage of the term in the fields of astronomy and cosmology applies to a cluster of objects colliding in space.

Rafael Domenech utilizes the concept of Pleiades as structure and tool to organize a sequence of artworks in space, forming a pattern where all the pieces presented have either physical or theoretical connections. The works function not only as individual pieces, but also as integral components of a larger system.

The artist’s current output is rooted in ideas of system, surplus and contamination, mostly a result of a dedicated, investigative approach towards such topics. In this work, he has brought forth these notions to shape a series of pieces that examine formal connections that surfaced during fabrication. It is at this stage where a clear understanding forms on how materials affect and define the trajectory of an object.



Domenech perceives the city as a store where he can acquire experiences, objects and ideas, with the studio as a space to develop theoretical content, a visual laboratory where aesthetic and formal results are the logical outcome of specific investigations.  Largely, he examines the complex processes of constructing an image. Whether this is in the form of a sculpture, collage, or artist book, the process is always open to be impacted with new information, often with the incorporation of waste resulting from its own production. 

The work stems from the study of networks and their physical composition. This approach embraces complex and challenging notions such as contamination, renewal, implosion, repetition and surplus, ideas that are intrinsic to our contemporary society. Their convergence is catalyst for expanding the investigation, acting as fuel to increase a critical perception of materials and their inherent behavior.

Domenech’s work has recently been exhibited at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York; Artium Museum in Vitoria, Spain; The Rockefeller Foundation, New York; The Mordes Collection, Palm Beach. In 2015, Rafael was the recipient of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship and the Cintas Fellowship. His work is included in the public collections of The Perez Art Museum Miami and Cintas Foundation.