Alan Sonfist Time Capsule in Belgium

“An acorn is potentially, but not actually, an oak tree.  In becoming an oak tree, it becomes actually what it originally was only potentially.  This change thus involves passage from potentiality to actuality—not from nonbeing to being, but from one kind or degree to being another.” -Aristotle

“In the 20th century, it was man overcoming nature.  In the 21st, we must understand that we are of our environment.  My art echoes understanding of nature’s rhythms.” -Alan Sonfist


What if a former blight on the landscape held within it an entire ecological system? Alan Sonfist’s “Time Landscape” series of recreating ancient landscapes in contemporary settings continues, coming from places like New York City in the United States and Sienna, Italy to Antwerp, Belgium. His new work is a marriage of the natural world and its grand destroyer. A massive steel tube housing plants and seeds indigenous to the area, the “Time Capsule of Belgium” presents an industrial structure as the newfound nursery of endangered plant life — a smokestack protecting the very species that similar manufacturing technologies have steadily wiped out. An idiosyncratic rarity, here a green space will be berthed from a vessel of pollution, and thus these once antagonistic forces will finally become collaborators.