Project Space 

Orestes Gonzalez

Julio’s House

April 19 - May 19, 2017


Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.13.05 PM.png

Fredric Snitzer Gallery presents Julio's House, a photographic essay by Orestes Gonzalez.

Addressing themes of memory, nostalgia and discovery, Orestes Gonzalez creates a vivid portrait of a late relative, one he previously disregarded in fear of his own first adolescent stirrings of sexuality. On a chance visit, years later, the artist discovers an environment of make believe, of fancy, and comes quickly to an understanding of how a man of character lived a life against the grain. Exploring the space with its extravagant decor, rich in mementos scattered throughout, a portrait emerges and deconstructs the preconceived narrative and perception of Julio’s life Mr. Gonzalez formed as a child.

Orestes Gonzalez is a NYC based photographer whose work chronicles issues of memory and the impact brought on by time, politics, technology, and economic forces. His work is in the collections of the Perez Art Museum Miami, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Architectural League of New York, and the Queens Library. His monotype, Julio's House, was published by +krisgravesprojects (+KGP) in 2017. Copies will be available at the gallery.




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