Guilherme Moraes

Recent Painting


Fredric Snitzer Gallery is proud to announce new works by Brazilian born, New World School of the Arts graduate, Guilherme Moraes. In his first solo exhibition, Moraes utilizes semiotics in imagery as a means to evoke curiosity, dilemmas, moods, feelings, and narratives.

For Moraes the paintings are a balance between narratives in the form recognizable elements, color palette, scale, and composition and concept meanings and idea that are interpreted intellectually but are absent from the actual picture plane. Source material, scale, and treatment operate as triggers and guides, resulting in form and image. His informed decisions of painting attempt to guide the viewer’s experience through the selection of images. Manipulated in a new medium to enhance their agency, these images carry with them the embedded formal, cultural, and historical significance of the medium.

One might suggest these images form a coherent proposition, that a complete narrative is being linked and created, but these sources are scrambled and obscured to complicate an arrival to a conclusion. The paintings remain connected enough to search for a narrative, but by not arriving at one, the pieces keep the viewer interacting with the pictorial frame rather than facilitating a conceptual conclusion.